To Paris (part 1)

Hy guys, how are you all doing?

Me? I’m kinda busy planning a surprise weekend trip to Paris with my hubby.

For so far i manage to have his colleague not scheduling him to work for those three days. We are leaving on the 27th of may. The babysitter -in this case it’s his cousin of Amsterdam-is also scheduled. He’s also part of the conspiracy together with the kinds. It’s kinda set though because everybody knows except of him.

I’m glad he doesn’t read this often (kinda sad too don’t you all think?)

I have made a reservation at an hotel nearby the Eiffel tower. The only thing that’s causing me some trouble is “getting there”. The train trip and flight are pricey and i don’t feel like driving 5 hours to get there. But if that’s the only way so be it.

But anyway so far so good.

I’ll keep you guys updated see you all later!!


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