Declaration of war!

Yes I know I’m not the first neither would I be the last one to declare war to being overweight.

But I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I always win a battle but lose the war. I  achieved my desire weight twice . Once for my wedding  in 2005 and the second time was last year. But always after going on vacation i gain some weight back .  So I have had enough I want to achieve my desire weight  and maintain it.

Yes I know  what y’all thinking: “DON’T GO ON VACATION THEN”…no can do!    Your second thought: “DON’T EAT THEN” …..have to have all the great food.       Your third thought: “DON’T EAT SO MUCH THEN OR AT LEAST MODERATE PORTION”   YES you are wright…. That was my mistake I guess.


Sorry but….yes I’m starting my challenge. My last weight loss challenge and this time I will be the one to win this war and end it for ever!

Start date: May 7th 2012     start weight:164lbs


3 thoughts on “Declaration of war!

  1. I too battle with weight loss. I tee you as soon as I find myself on a great transition with the pounds, they halt as if they realized what I was doing. I try to explain to my body that it is not my friend with the extra pounds, yet it’s like we are all one big happy family….NOT! So, what did I do? I shifted my thinking about food. Each time I am about to eat, I refuse to eat as much as the normal. Just by changing the amount from “My Normal”, I am slowly starting to get a hold on myself. Now I am going to implement a exercise routine into my day and hopefully I will be on a wonderful path to losing, and keeping he weight off. So I wish you happy shedding as well. I am now following you. I really enjoyed your blog. Visit me and feel free to comment. I will be back to visit you soon.:)

  2. Hy there tnx for following. i have an idea why don’t we help each other. Like for exaple by posting our menu for the day and our excersices for the week. So we could be able to support and incourage each other.
    These week was not my best week. i think that the swich in my head hasn’t turned counter wise yet like i did before. But i will. i will be posting some before and after pics so i will scare my self off. So what do you think shall we support each other?

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