Are we beautiful…let’s take the measurements!


n. pl. beau·ties

1. The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.
2. One that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.
3. Excellent of its kind
4. A quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling.
5. An outstanding or conspicuous example.
6.( used with a plural verb ) beautiful things or people collectively
6. The ideal of beauty  (usually preceded by the ).

Who on this earth came up with this bright idea that beauty is measurable!
If your eyes are this far apart from each other, they are almond shape and have long eyelashes then you have beautiful eyes.
If you have a length of so much inches you have another beauty aspect .Keep on going until you have had your whole body with the accurate measurement belonging to that  part of the body . Lets see how many you ticked off. If you ticked off ALL, then and only then you are beautiful.  CRAZY!!!!
I know I don’t have none of the feature men say is needed to be beautiful.

But hey come on I have this ” beautiful” hubby

I think I have to have something that when he saw me he thought. W.O.W. I wanna talk to her!

I hope so!!!!

And after really but I mean really getting to know me he found me ” beautiful” ………at last….

When did this all begin?

Somewhere in the 17th-century was a (some) crazy person(s) who thought it was time for a new rage. The(re) name(s) I don’t know. So  if someone knows this please let me know! Just  to  know cause I’m kinda late to try to talk them over.  But anyway…. we have a couple of years (century) of experience. It’s just that now a days it more commercial. We open the glossies (and even the papers) and see all these size 0 models which everything they put on is like,  gorgeous.

I’m trying to  raise our children with the mentality that they are  gorgeous no matter anyone else think and that the models they see in the glossies and papers are not how they  NEED to look like.The best way to be beautiful is that they have to treat  others with respect  and respect  each others thought and likes,Cause  they all are different in a precious way.

After reading this don’t think that this appeals to  me cause it really don’t.  Cause I find myself  beautiful. I just wanna let you see from another perspective that no matter  what , if we want to or not we, or if we like it or not we all  go in for the word ” beauty”

I hope that our kids will try to help lower this trend thing. And that the  plump, chubby, fuller figure, well-covered persons who feels like they  don’t belong. Will eventually understand they  also are beautiful.

I underlined  this part  to emphasize that I don’t mean no harm cause I know that there are some plump, chubby, fuller figure, well-covered who don’t agree that they  feel this way (like me) but it’s only for those who does!!

another  piece about this issue which i found interesting  suite 101


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