First day of ” De avondvierdaagse” …go on read to know what the word means.

O.M.G. just finish a walk of 10 kilometers. My feet hurt like hell.

Still three more days to go!!! We won’t give up!!

Today in Drachten was the first day of the ” avondvierdaagse” (close translation: avond= night   vierdaagse:four days). therefore 4 days a 10 kilometers walk each day. So by the end of the week we have walked 40 kilometers.

Every year somewhere in May  we have the avondvierdaagse. All the primary schools of Friesland walks a distance of 5 ( for the younger ones ) or 10 kilometers ( for the older kids like my daughter of 9). This is like celebrating the summer time. And also  like a foretaste of the mayor event held in June in Nijmegen which is called ” de4daagse“(meaning: the four days). Which is worldwide known (if I’m not mistaken, ….please nod yes!!) and is held this year for the 96th time. But this one is for the experienced hikers, strollers.The youngest participants were last year a thirteen years old boy and a girl. The oldest man was 91  and the oldest woman 88 years old.

The distances for this mayor events are 30, 40 or 50 kilometers.                          And me ……I’m complaining about a lousy  10 kilometer… shame on me ;P

Today was the first day and me and my daughter have made it through  the 10 kilometers. Tomorrow day 2!! Which us luck!!!

Some picture of the nature!!!

Great the green color the summer is in town!!


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