To Paris (last part). The voyage

Sorry guys,

I know I have abandon you all. SORRY. I won’t say it wont happen again, because you never know. But  what I will and can say is I will try my  best not to abandon you all for so long.  I had backache.

But anyways. Let me tell you about our trip to PARIS!! OOO We are in love with Paris.

On Saturday my hubby went to work early in the morning . So I begun packing our bags. I was so existed, A couple of hours before it was time for him to head home I called him and asked him which jeans does he want to wear. He began asking why so I told him we are going to Amsterdam, and that we are staying at his cousin’s for the weekend . And the kids are coming along.

So we head to Amsterdam like eight o’clock in the afternoon. At like 6 o’clock in the morning I woke him up told him that he has to  go and take a shower we have to leave like in half an hour, Hubby: “why, where are you taking me! Just trust me go and take a shower and hurry up! And the kids he ask, just goo!!

His cousin drove us to  the station and round eight we where on the bus, When checking in he said when are you telling me now where we are going. I smiled i said haven’t you heard what  the man checking us in said …. WE  ARE GOING TO PARIS!!!

You had to see his face, sadly enough I didn’t have the camera at hand.

Are we really going to Paris yes i said but if you keep standing there we will miss the bus.

Us in the bus. I was kind a tired.

After a drive of like 5 hours or so we arrived in PARIS. We took the metro (our first time) and went to the hotel which was like 2 minute or so from the metro station. It was a cozy hotel,

right at the corner there lies the Moulin rouge. Just great!!  This picture was taken at upon our return from Trocadero.

Upon arrival we freshen up and went to Trocadero here you get the most  fantastic view of the Eiffel tower.

worse picture ever, but still ………I shared it with you…

We went again but then at sunset. We picked up a spot on the grass and waited, and waited and after a while we got this.

and after a couple of minutes… this.

And after that …

Then he propose again. After 17 years of marriage this was the most romantic proposal ever! We will be renewing our vows!!

    or this one

    the one is better than the other.

The next  day  we head back to  the Eiffel  but this day we took a hop on hop off bus. We got the most beautiful view of Paris. So we hop off at the Louvre,

And right across the street ,Le Pont des Arts or better known as Le Pont d’Amour

Here at Le Pont d’Amour (Pont des Arts) we hung our own lock with our names and after a kiss we threw the keys in the seine. And then yes you guessed right another kiss.

This one we missed Mur des Je t’aime, … time!!!!(picture:

Wanna see more pictures? JUST….CLICK!                                                                                                                       But all by all we are more in love with each other than ever and with Paris of course.


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