15 things that makes you happy.

You have those days that everything goes great, according to plan and                                You have those days that goes really really bad , everything and everyone is against  you. Nothing seems to work.

But in all those bad things there are 15  things (at least) that makes my day worth every second.

                                                                                                                                                 15 things that put ‘s a smile back on my face

  •  The sunshine specially in the summer                                                                I’m originally  from a little island in the Caribbean so I love the sun and warm weather. This just  gives me a bust to face the bad day.
  • The ocean                                                                                                                The sound of the ocean gives me tranquility.
  • My daughter’s  gorgeous eyes and big  smile (and big hair)                            How can I still be down after seeing  her face!!
  • When my boys says mom u are tiny but  we still love you                             Our boys are like way , way taller than me. They seems huge. So sometimes they  stand beside me they  put their hand on top on my head just as I am a table or something and they will go like “mom where are you, we can’t see you”  And then I will punch them (joke punch of course) then they will say we love you!
  • The chill moments wearing my  lazy pants watching a movie or hanging  on the couch.With my feet intertwined in my hubby’s legs.                                      He always has warm hands and feet, and me; I’m  always cold. When he is sitting on the couch I will clutch my feet underneath his and then just be lazy.  I can do this all day  long,  on a lazy day . I find this fantastic. Being lazy just  chilling out, with hubby beside me. This just  makes my  day.
  • a hug and a kiss from my hubby                                                                            No need to explain I guess.         
  • The Internet , and WiFi the best  invention ever!                                               Being able to surf the Internet  and posting stuff. That’s just … I can’t describe the feeling. Being able to talk to the world letting you know whats happening here is just spectacular!! I LOVE ITe
  • word feud
    I’m so bad at this but I like it though
  • popcorn , ice cream  and chocolate                                                                       I guess I’m a popcorn, ice cream and chocolate addict. I could eat this the whole day.
  • movies                                                                                                                you read that I’m a popcorn and ice cream junk so what is the best combination for popcorn and/or ice cream?? …….MOVIE!!!!
  • On the road with the whole family or with the two of us                                The boys are kinda “old”  to be seen with their parents.  Or is it the other way around?? Either way it doesn’t happen too often that the boys wanna go out with us. So I cherish it when this does happens.
  • food
    perdition my delicious perdition ROFL.  The good stuff will go and park on my waist and thigh and the bum.
  • talking to family abroad  and local                                                                         Miss you ‘all                                                                                                            I have this “thing”  with my mom. She and my  dad lives abroad. I will be thinking about her and guess…  who is calling me, she is. I find this every time again very WEIRD.
  • music while cleaning                                                                                               Like to shake the booty baby.
  • seeing the numbers on the scale go down                                                   When will this happen again…when.

Tell me your 15 happy things. More than 15 ???……. be my guest!!


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